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Outdoor spaces

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Scientists have proved that time “flies” rapidly not only in our minds, but in fact, at the level of physics. In everyday race and bustle we have not enough time remaining for the communion with living nature. If you live in a city far from the forest or the lake it is not the reason to deprive yourself of pleasure to walk barefoot on the green grass, enjoying the fresh air, listen to the warbling of birds and to tear berries while walking, which you will not be afraid to eat. Even on the small plot of land, our experts will help you to create this oasis of nature, to which, we are sure, you will be come back after work with a great pleasure again and again.

When constructing decking and porches it is important to use finishing materials aimed at outdoor use only. You can not, for example, put your favorite tile as a floor covering in the street, if the material is not designed to withstand the load from environmental influences. There are many different types of enclosures to the house. Patio cover will allow you to spend a lot of wonderful moments outdoors, either alone or with friends. The basis of the patio cover – an extension to your structure can be a support beams fixed on the walls of your home or foundation columns, installed along the perimeter of the future attached patio cover. Both types of supports can be combined. In addition, under the patio cover or enclosures is necessary to build a foundation.
Returning to the question of how to build a terrace and what materials are most suitable for its construction, the terraced decking should be noted, which is easily cleaned and repaired.

We will plan, design, construct, and maintain your project.